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Judy Cheeks is a female dance music singer and is the daughter of gospel legend Rev. Julius Cheeks. Her first recording was a blues album entitled "Judy Cheeks" produced by Ike and Tina Turner in 1973. In 1978 she hit #10 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart with "Mellow Lovin'," and then had a career resurgence in the 1990s, when she re-emerged with a string of dance chart hits, including two #1s in 1995, "Respect" and "As Long As You're Good To Me", as well as "Reach", which appeared on the Summer Hitmix 94 CD released by ZYX Records. Her 1978 album Mellow Lovin' was produced by Anthony Monn (best known for his work with gay icon Amanda Lear) in Giorgio Moroder's Musicland Studios in Munich.

Cheeks wrote for Jobette Music - Motown...The Jackson 5 recorded one of her songs on their last Motown LP. She did a lot of session work for several major artist while sharpening her song writing skills.

Moved to Germany 1977 and recorded a duet with Austrian singer Udo Jurgens. Their performance on The Rudi Carrell show made Judy an overnight success in Europe. Cheeks starred in her first movie Caribbean Rhapsody with Rozano Brazzi, filmed in Haiti. In 1978 recorded Mellow Lovin' which became an international hit.

Toured Europe and South America

She acted in movies and TV shows. 1978 Caribia, 1980 La playa del amor – Tapetenwechsel 1984), 1984 SOKO 5113 (TV series), Starred in movie for TV Saltzburger Nockerln in 1992. Co - wrote and produced solo LP No Outsiders in 1987 Cheeks is the author of 'Love and Honor' about her late father Reverend Julius Cheeks. Wrote and co produced "True Love is Free" She is the founder of School of Miracles (SOM)

Cheeks also appears as a backing vocalist for Stevie Wonder's "The Woman In Red" 1984 album, Donna Summer's "Once upon A Time" & Rumor Has It albums, Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler 'Just Thelma & Jerry" 1977 album, on Amanda Lear's 1979 album Never Trust A Pretty Face and on Boney M.'s Ten Thousand Lightyears. In 1986, she worked as a studio musician (providing backing vocals) on Alphaville's album Afternoons in Utopia.



  • Judy Cheeks (1973)
  • Mellow Lovin' (1978)
  • Hard on the Heels of Love (Italy-only release, 1983)
  • No Outsiders (1988)
  • Respect (1996)
  • True Love is Free (2013)


  • "Mellow Lovin'" (Ariola 1977, Salsoul 1978) U.S. #65, US Dance #10
  • "The Little Girl in Me" (Ariola, 1978)
  • "Don't Wanna Love You Again" (Ariola, 1979)
  • "Mercy" (Ariola, 1980)
  • "Fascination" (Dureco, 1983)
  • "You'll Never Be Alone" (Polydor 1987)
  • "I Still Love You" (1988)
  • "So In Love (The Real Deal)" (1993) UK #27 (Positiva)
  • "Reach" (1994) UK #17 (Positiva)
  • "This Time" / "Respect" (1995) UK #23, US Dance #1 ("Respect") (Positiva)
  • "You're The Story Of My Life" / "As Long As You're Good To Me" (1995) UK #30, US Dance #1 ("As Long As You're Good To Me") (Positiva)
  • "Reach" (remix) (1996) UK #22 (Positiva)


  • 2013 "Happy"
  • 2013 "I Love Prasing You

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