Juggernaut (1936 film)

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Directed by Henry Edwards
Produced by Edward L. Alperson
Julius Hagen
Written by Alice Campbell
Cyril Campion
Heinrich Fraenkel
H. Fowler Mear
Starring Boris Karloff
Joan Wyndham
Music by W.L. Trytel
Cinematography Sydney Blythe
William Luff
Edited by Michael C. Chorlton
Distributed by Wardour Films (UK)
Grand National Pictures (US)
Superior Pictures (Can)
Release date
8 September 1936 (UK)
30 April 1937 (US)
Running time
64 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Juggernaut is a 1936 British mystery film, starring Boris Karloff and Joan Wyndham. Directed by Henry Edwards, it was based on the novel by Alice Campbell and was distributed by Julius Hagen Productions. It was also known as The Demon Doctor.[1]


Victor Sartorius (Karloff) is an ailing doctor working in Morocco. He teams up with Lady Yvonne Clifford (Mona Goya) in a plot to poison her husband, Sir Charles Clifford (Morton Selten), so he can collect the 20,000 pounds necessary to save his experiments and his funding. Roger Clifford (Arthur Margetson), the son of Sir Charles has also been marked for death. The only one who can stop the murder plot of Sartorius is Nurse Eve Rowe (Joan Wyndham).


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