Jugoslav Vlahović

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Jugoslav Vlahović
Jugoslav Vlahovic 1 m.jpg
Jugoslav Vlahović (2012)
Born Jugoslav Vlahović
17th March 1949
Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia (now Serbia)
Nationality Serbian

Jugoslav Vlahović (Serbian Cyrillic: Југослав Влаховић, born 1949) is a Serbian artist, illustrator, photographer and a former rock musician. Vlahović is known for his work on album covers. He is also known as a former member of the rock band Porodična Manufaktura Crnog Hleba.

He is the father of Jakša Vlahović, a member of the gothic metal band Abonos and thrash metal band Bombarder, and Marta Vlahović, a former Abonos member.


Vlahović was born in Belgrade in 1949. He graduated at the Second Belgrade Highschool and later at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In 1968 Vlahović formed acoustic rock band Porodična Manufaktura Crnog Hleba with his sister Maja de Rado. The band released several 7" singles and one studio album, Stvaranje, before disbanding in 1975. During this period Vlahović also appeared in rock musical Hair performed at Atelje 212. Vlahović refused an invitation from Bora Đorđević to join Suncokret due to his army obligations. In 1976 Vlahović started working as an illustrator and cartoonist for NIN and retired from music. At the end of the 1970s he started designing album covers. In 1978 he designed a logo of the hard rock band Riblja Čorba, and in 1979 he designed a cover of their debut album Kost u grlu. The cooperation between Vlahović and Riblja Čorba continues to present day, as Vlahović designed all Riblja Čorba studio album covers, except Osmi nervni slom and Koza nostra album covers.

Vlahović is currently a professor of Graphic Design at Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts. He had over 60 solo exhibitions. Vlahović is the author of eight books of his own cartoons and one portfolio of graphic prints. He received numerous awards for his work.

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