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Gender Male
Language(s) Estonian
Name day June 24 (Estonia)
Region of origin Estonia
Other names
Related names Johannes

Juhan (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈjuhɑn]) is a common Estonian male given name.

Given name[edit]

  • Juhan Aare (born 1948), Estonian journalist and politician
  • Juhan Aavik (1884–1982), Estonian composer
  • Juhan af Grann (born 1948 as Heikki Juhani Grann), Finnish film director and producer
  • Juhan Kallaste (1891–1999; born as Juhan Kree), Estonian cleric and actor, the oldest Estonian male on record
  • Juhan Kikas (1892–1944, also known as Jaan Kikkas), Estonian weightlifter
  • Juhan Kukk (1885–1942), Estonian politician
  • Juhan Leinberg (1812–1885), Estonian religious leader, also known as prophet Maltsvet
  • Juhan Liiv (1864–1913), Estonian poet
  • Juhan Maaker (1845–1930), Estonian folk musician
  • Juhan Muks (1899–1983), Estonian artist and painter
  • Juhan Parts (born 1966), Estonian politician
  • Juhan Simm (1885–1959), Estonian composer, conductor and choral conductor
  • Juhan Smuul (1922–1971), Estonian writer, until 1954 he used the given name Johannes Schmuul
  • Juhan Treisalt (1898–1980, better known as Ivan Triesault), Estonian-born American actor
  • Juhan Viiding (1948–1995), Estonian poet and actor, also known under the pseudonym of Jüri Üdi