Juhan Aavik

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Juhan Aavik
Laulupidu 1928.a. dirigendipuldis Juhan Aavik., AM 12853-148 F 11687-148.jpg
Aavik at the IX Estonian Song Festival in 1928
Born(1884-01-29)29 January 1884
Died26 November 1982(1982-11-26) (aged 98)
Stockholm, Sweden

Juhan Aavik (29 January 1884, in Holstre, Kreis Fellin, Governorate of Livonia, Russian Empire – 26 November 1982, in Stockholm, Sweden) was an Estonian composer.

Aavik studied music composition at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. He later served as a conductor in Tartu, Governorate of Livonia (1911–1925), a musical conservatory professor and director in Tallinn (1928–1944), and an Estonian song festival conductor in Sweden (1948–1961) (after arriving there in 1944). He wrote nearly 200 Opus numbers, among them two symphonies; a Cello concerto (1949); a Double bass Concerto (1950); a Piano trio (1957); a Requiem (1959); and various choral works, songs and chamber music. In Stockholm at age 81 (1965–1969), he published a history of Estonian music in four volumes.


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