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Juice Magazine, founded in 1993 in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a skateboarding, surfing and music publication, edited, owned and published by Terri Craft.[1] It includes interviews by skate editor, Jim Murphy,[2] and features editors: Steve Olson, Jay Adams, Dave Duncan, Christian Hosoi, Jim O'Mahoney,[3] and surf editors Jeff Ho,[4] Herbie Fletcher[5] and Dibi Fletcher. The staff includes Terri Craft,[6] Editor and Dan Levy, Assistant Editor.[1][7] Other interviewers include Jason Jessee, Jeff Ament, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Danforth[8] and Chris Mearkle.[9] There are currently 72 issues of the magazine. Juice Magazine headquarters is located in the birthplace of modern-day skateboarding, Venice, California.


The magazine interviews skateboarders, surfers, and musicians. Some of the interviewees include: Skateboarders:




Special Features[edit]

  • Alva Collection: Interviews with the Alva Skateboarding Team
  • Bones Brigade Chronicles: Interviews with the Bones Brigade
  • Dogtown Chronicles: Interviews with the Z-Boys
  • Duty Now For The Future: Interviews with Skatepark Builders

Dogtown Chronicles[edit]

Dogtown Chronicles features interviews with the Z-Boys, Zephyr skateboarding team Dogtown and Z-Boys including:


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