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Juice It Up! is a franchised raw juice and smoothie bar company.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] It has 89 locations in its chain with plans to expand and open up 13 more in 2017-2018. Juice It Up! delivers real fruit handcrafted fruit and veggie smoothies, fresh squeezed raw juices, acai and pitaya fruit and smoothie bowls, and cold-pressed bottled juices and shots, as well as healthy snacks.[1][2][3][8][9] Frank Easterbrook is the company's principal owner along with being the President and CEO.[1][2][4][10] The company is based in Irvine, California, and originated in 1995.[1][2][4][5][7][10]


Frank Easterbrook has been the principal owner, President, and CEO of Juice It Up! since 2001. It was founded in 1995 when its first location in Brea, California opened.[1][2][4][7][10] He is also the chief executive for Juice It Up!’s management service company, Balboa Brands, Inc.[10]

The company initially began as a juice and smoothie company and has since shifted gears to also offer an expanded line of raw juices to capitalize on the growing interest in juicing.[1][2][10]

Beginning in August 2011, Juice It Up! began retrofitting its locations with Raw Juice Bars.[1][2][3][10] This allowed the company to offer additional beverage blends beyond its smoothies that were also healthy and functional, and the first Raw Juice Bar opened in January 2012.[1][2][10] It has now been recognized as the company with the most Raw Juice Bars in Orange County, California.[1][2]

In 2017, Juice It Up! launched its cold-pressed bottled juice and shot line, which features six unique juices and three shots with natural ingredients.


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