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Logo of the Juice Products Association.

The Juice Products Association (JPA) is an industry trade group representing the juice processing industry in the United States. The Association claims a membership of "over 130 Regular and Associate member organizations, representing juice and fruit processing companies and support industries throughout the United States and overseas."


The Juice Products Association traces its lineage to the founding of the National Association of Citrus Juice Processors in Florida in 1957. It later expanded from only the citrus juice industry to include other projects, including grapes, apples, pears, and tomatoes.

The National Juice Products Association and Processed Apples Institute merged in 2003 to form the Juice Products Association. In early 2005, the International Jelly and Preserve Association and the Concord Grape Association merged into the Juice Products Association, forming the Fruit Spread Section and Concord Grape Section of the JPA umbrella

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