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Nestlé Juicy Juice logo

Juicy Juice is a brand of juices and juice concentrates geared toward children and sold in the United States by Nestlé using the slogan "The very best juice for the very best kids."[1] Prior to March 2006, it was known as Libby's Juicy Juice and was formerly owned by the Libby's Canned Food Company. Juicy Juice was introduced by Libby's in 1977.[2] It is now labeled under the Nestlé parent brand. The headquarters[3] of Juicy Juice in the United States is located in Glendale, California, a suburb in the greater Los Angeles area.


Juicy Juice is manufactured in Ocean Spray production facilities, as a result of a 2002 joint agreement between Nestlé and Ocean Spray.[4]


In 2009, Nestlé tested an innovative online ad that included moderated Twitter comments.[5]

The PBS Kids show "Arthur" used Juicy Juice as an advertisement since 1996 up to at least 2005.


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