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Juja is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of twelve constituencies in Kiambu County, one of four in the former Thika District. The constituency was established for the 1969 elections.

The towns of Thika, Ruiru, Juja and Kilimambogo are located in this constituency.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
1969 Gitu Kahengeri KANU Unopposed
1974 Peter Kenyatta Muigai KANU One-party system
1979 Gitu Kahengeri KANU One-party system
1983 George Kamau Muhoho KANU One-party system.
1988 George Kamau Muhoho KANU One-party system.
1992 Stephen Rugendo Ndicho Ford-Asili
1997 Stephen Rugendo Ndicho SDP
2002 William Kabogo Gitau Sisi kwa Sisi
2007 George Thuo PNU Election disputed by William Kabogo, seat declared vacant on 16 April 2010 due to election irregularities [2]
2010 William Kabogo Gitau NARC-Kenya By-election [3]

Locations and wards[edit]

Location Population*
Gatuanyaga 18,975
Juja 43,500
Ruiru 115,885
Thika municipality 94,372
Total 272,737
1999 census.[4]
Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Githurai Kimbo 10,117 Ruiru municipality
Gitothua 9,101 Ruiru municipality
Kahawa Sukari 5,910 Ruiru municipality
Murera 7,616 Ruiru municipality
Viwanda / Biashara 7,767 Ruiru municipality
Biashara 7,503 Thika municipality
Hospital 4,956 Thika municipality
Kiganda 6,473 Thika municipality
Komu 9,313 Thika municipality
Majengo 3,429 Thika municipality
Market 4,841 Thika municipality
Mugumoini 7,613 Thika municipality
Ndururumo 5,714 Thika municipality
Gatuanyaga 7,897 Thika county
Juja 6,878 Thika county
Kalimoni 6,691 Thika county
Total 111,819
*September 2005.[5]


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