Jujhar Singh Nehra

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Statue of Jujhar Singh Nehra, founder of Jhunjhunu town in Rajasthan

Jujhar Singh Nehra (Hindi: जुझारसिंह नेहरा) (1664–1730) or Jhunjha was a Jat chieftain of Rajasthan. He was born in a Hindu Jat family of Nehra gotra in samvat 1721 (1664 AD). His father was a faujdar of Nawabs.

Jujhar Singh when he was young was made the general of the army of Nawabs. He had a dream to establish Jat rule in India. He was planning to have a joint rebellion against the Muslim rule in India. He had heard the stories of rebellion by Jats of Bharatpur such as Gokula and Raja Ram. Meanwhile he came in contact with one Rajput Shardul Singh, who was an employee of the Nawabs. The Jats through Jujhar Singh and Rajputs through Sardul Singh agreed upon a proposal to fight united against Muslim rulers and if the Nawab were defeated Jujhar Singh would be appointed the Chieftain.

Jujhar Singh one day found the right opportunity and attacked Nawabs at Jhunjhunu and Narhar. He defeated the army of Nawab Sadulla Khan on Saturday, aghan sudi 8 samvat 1787 (1730 AD).

According to the book ‘Rankeshari Jujhar Singh’, written by Kunwar Panne Singh, Jujhar Singh was appointed as Chieftain after holding a darbar. After the ‘tilak’ ceremony of appointment as a sardar or chieftain, the Rajputs could not digest it and killed Jujhar Singh in 1730 AD at a lonely place. Jujhar Singh thus became a martyr for his community. The town Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan was named so after the memory of Jujhar Singh or Jhunjha.[full citation needed]