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JUKI Corporation (JUKI株式会社 JUKI Kabushiki Kaisha?) is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial sewing machines and recently domestic machines headquartered in Tsurumaki, Tama-shi, Tokyo. It is one of the leading industrial machine manufacturers. JUKI ranks No.1 in the world.[citation needed] Headquartered in Japan, the company currently has manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, Vietnam and USA and markets its products in more than 150 countries on six continents. Up until 1988, the company was known as Tokyo Juki Industrial Company, Ltd.. The company motto, which doubles as a customer creed is "Mind & Technology" (as in 'emotionally accessible technology').

It also produces sewing machines for the home or hobbyist market, and surface mount component placement machines for electronics manufacturing. Juki have sold industrial sewing machines to customers "in about 150 nations and six continents."[1] As of March 2013, the company had a market cap of ¥18 billion.[2]

In February 2013, Juki and Sony Corp. entered negotiations to discuss a merger of their SMT equipment businesses.[3][4]

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