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Jukyeom (Korean: 죽염, Hanja: 竹鹽) is a Korean folk remedy consisting of salt roasted in bamboo. Sea salt is stuffed into bamboo tubes, and the ends plugged with mineral-rich clay; the assembly is roasted up to as many as nine times in a pine-wood kiln. The trace elements in the clay and bamboo are thought to make this form of salt more healthy.[1] Historically, jukyeom has been used as a digestive aid, styptic, disinfectant, or dentifrice.

No systematic methodology of jukyeom manufacture, nor any analysis of its ingredients or effectiveness for any particular purpose was carried out until the publication of the book The Universe and God's Medicine by Il-hoon (In-san) Kim in 1981.[2]

Medical claims[edit]

Proponents of jukyeom use claim many benefits of the substance. Research published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine suggests that 9-times-smoked Bamboo Salt had a remarkable growth inhibitory rate of certain forms of cancer in mice. [3]

Disease treatment[edit]

According to Kim's book, jukyeom can be used to treat

  1. Inflammation
    Esophagus, Stomach, Spleen, Duodenum, Small & Large Intestines, Rectum, etc.
  2. Ulcer
    Stomach, Duodenum, Small & Large Intestines, Rectum, etc.
  3. Others
    Chronic Dyspepsia, Dyspeptic Ailment Attributed to the Eating of meat, Acute Gastroenteritis (Vomiting & Diarrhea), Food Poisoning, Indigestion, Esophagus Tumour, Gastroptosis, Mouth Tumour, Tongue Tumour, Skin(Cutaneous) Disease, Eczema, Athlete's Foot, External Wound, Dysentery (Bloody Flux), Dysentery with Diarrhea (that becomes white with mucus), Diarrhea, Various Eye Diseases, Various Symptoms from Pollution.

Secondary applications[edit]

  1. Inflammation
    Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Nephritis, Bladder, Liver, Meningitis, etc.
  2. Cancer
    Lung, Bronchus, Bladder, Liver, Ozena(Empyema), Tympanitis, Gallbadder, etc.
  3. Others
    Heart Disease, Tuberculosis, Liver Cirrhosis, etc.

In Popular Culture

In the movie Masquerade ( 2012 ), it is said that Bamboo Salt caused a silver spoon in a bowl of soup to turn black, but before this explanation was discovered, the event caused the King to believe people were trying to poison him. The film itself involves a body double being set up to impersonate the King - along the same lines as Prisoner of Zenda and Dave.


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