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This bottle of julebrus is a brown, seasonal soda consumed during the Christmas season

Julebrus (English: Christmas soda) is a Norwegian soft drink. Usually with a festive label on the bottle, it is brewed by most Norwegian breweries as a Christmas drink for minors, who aren't eligible (by law) to enjoy the traditional juleøl (English: Christmas ale), but is also very popular amongst adults.

Julebrus come in a sparkly red color, from strawberry and raspberry, or a pale-brown color, similar to beer, depending on brewery and brand.


  • Arendal julebrus (Ringnes)
  • Berentsens julebrus
  • Borg Julebrus
  • CB Julebrus
  • Coca-Cola Julebrus
  • COOP Julebrus
  • E. C. Dahl Julebrus
  • Grans Julebrus
  • Hamar og Lillehammer Julebrus (Ringnes)
  • Hansa Julebrus
  • Lerum Julebrus
  • Mack Julebrus
  • Ringnes Julebrus
  • Roma julebrus rød
  • Roma julebrus brun
  • Roma julebrus lavkalori
  • Roma Rødbrus
  • Roma tradisjonelle juledrikk
  • Rudolf og Nissens Julebrus (Oskar Sylte)
  • Sørlandets Julebrus
  • Tom & Jerry-brus
  • Trio Julebrus
  • Trønder julebrus
  • Aass Julebrus

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