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Julen Kerman Madariaga Agirre (born 1932, in Bilbao) is a Spanish Basque politician and lawyer who co-founded the Basque armed separatist group ETA in 1959.

He was a leader of ETA, a prominent member of Herri Batasuna and, later, founder of the political party Aralar and a member of the pacifist organization, Elkarri (es).

Madariaga served long prison sentences and spent years in exile, but severed his links with ETA in 1989 after becoming disillusioned with the group's methods. He left Herri Batasuna in 1995 after the party refused to condemn ETA violence.

In June 2006, he was arrested in France on charges of extorting businessmen into making financial contributions to ETA. However, the charges were dropped and he was released within days.


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