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Louis Jules Dubosq

Louis Jules Duboscq (March 5, 1817 – September 24, 1886) was a French instrument maker, inventor, and pioneering photographer. He was known in his time, and is remembered today, for the high quality of his optical instruments.

Life and work[edit]

Duboscq was born at Seine-et-Oise in 1817. He was apprenticed in 1834 to Jean-Baptiste-François Soleil (1798–1878), a prominent instrument maker, and he married one of Soleil's daughters, Rosalie Jeanne Josephine, in 1839.[1]

Among the instruments Duboscq built were a stereoscope (marketing David Brewster's lenticular stereoscope), a colorimeter,[2] a polarimeter, a heliostat and a saccharimeter.[3]

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