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The Jules Léger Prize for New Chamber Music is a Canadian contemporary classical music award given to composers in recognition of quality new works of chamber music. Granted annually since 1978 (with the exception of 1984 and 1990 when no prize was given), the prize is won through a competition administered by the Canadian Music Centre. Prior to 1991, the competition had been administered by the Canadian Music Council.[1]


The Jules Léger Prize was founded by Canadian diplomat and statesman Jules Léger in 1978 with the purpose "to encourage Canadian composers to write for chamber music ensembles and to foster the performance of Canadian music by these groups." Works which are eligible for competition must be written for no more than twelve performers and no less than two. Any Canadian citizen and anyone who has lived on Canadian soil for over a year is eligible to compete in the competition. Composers who are awarded the prize receive a trophy designed by the Canadian sculptor Louis Archambault, a cash award (currently $7,500), and a concert performance of the winning work by leading Canadian musicians (most of these concerts have also been broadcast on CBC Radio).[1]


Year Composer Work
1978 R. Murray Schafer String Quartet No. 2 'Waves'
1979 Bruce Mather Musique pour Champigny
1980 Serge Garant Quintette
1981 John Rea Com-possession
1982 Walter Boudreau L'Odyssée du Soleil
1983 John Hawkins Breaking Through
1985 Brian Cherney River of Fire
1986 Michel Longtin Pohjatuuli
1987 Denys Bouliane À propos... et le baron perché
1988 Michael Colgrass Strangers: Irreconcilable Variations
1989 Peter Paul Koprowski Sonnet for Laura
1991 Donald Steven In the Land of Pure Delight
1992 John Rea Objets perdus
1993 Bruce Mather YQUEM
1994 Peter Paul Koprowski Woodwind Quintet
1995 John Burke String Quartet
1996 Christos Hatzis Erotikos Logos
1997 Omar Daniel Zwei Lieder nach Rilke
1998 Michael Oesterle Reprise
1999 Alexina Louie Nightfall
2000 André Ristic Catalogue 1 [bombes occidentales]
2001 Chris Harman Amerika
2002 Yannick Plamondon Autoportrait sur Times Square
2003 Éric Morin D'un Château l'autre
2004 Patrick Saint-Denis Les dits de Victoire
2005 Linda Catlin Smith Garland
2006 James Rolfe[2] raW
2007 Chris Harman Postludio a rovescio
2008 Analia Llugdar Que sommes-nous
2009 Jimmie LeBlanc L’Espace intérieur du monde
2010 Justin Christensen The Failures of Marsyas
2011 Cassandra Miller Bel Canto
2012 Zosha Di Castri Cortège
2013 Nicole Lizée White Label Experiment
2014 Thierry Tidrow[3] Au fond du cloître humide
2015 Pierre Alexandre Tremblay Les pâleurs de la lune
2016 Cassandra Miller About Bach
2017 Gabriel Dharmoo Wanmansho
2018 Brian Current Shout, Sisyphus, Flock
2019 Alec Hall Vertigo
2020 Kelly-Marie Murphy Coffee Will be Served in the Living Room
2021 Anthony Tan Ways of Returning
2022 Rita Ueda as the first spring blossoms awaken through the snow
2023 Vahram Sargsyan Quiet Songs

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