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Jules Williams
Born (1968-07-23)23 July 1968
Abergavenny, South, Wales
Nationality British
Alma mater Bath Spa University
Occupation Television producer, television director, television writer, intuitive counsellor
Website www.juleswilliams.com

Julian Lloyd "Jules" Williams (born 23 July 1968) is a British writer, director, producer and "intuitive counsellor".[1] He has collaborated with best selling authors, he wrote both the Living The Life[2] accompanying book and The Weigh Forward,[3] and is the Director and Producer of Sky Arts 1 & Back Door Productions Living The Life.[4] In February 2009, Williams was invited to test the credibility of his profession when BBC's Newsnight ran a feature on the practice of remote viewing.


Williams holds an Honors Degree in Physical Education from College St Paul and St Mary, as well as a master's degree in Writing from the Bath Spa University. He is also a black belt in martial arts. He has been described as a clairvoyant and a psychic[5][6] although he uses the title Intuitive Counsellor.[7]


Williams' career in television began when he moved to London to work on Psychic Today for Sky Television as a psychic and presenter.[8] His interest in production led him to direct and produce his own television show Living the Life[9] with Back Door Productions for Sky Arts. Jules worked alongside contributors including Stephen Fry, Robin Gibb, Joanna Lumley, John Hurt, Hans Zimmer, Elaine Paige and many others.

Williams is set to work alongside Nick Pope[10] former head of the British Government's UFO program[11] in Back Door Production's Contact Alien Hybrid.[12]

Living The life[edit]

William's is the director and co-producer of the Sky Arts series Living The Life, now in its third season.[13]

Season One[edit]

Season Two[edit]

Season Three[edit]


Williams contributes to magazines and newspapers such as Macs Magazine,[46] Cover Media,[47] Soho House,[48] The Guardian Cardiff,[49] and The Irish World.[50] Jules Williams is a regular contributor to Natural Health Magazine,[51] and is included as one of the publications panel of leading experts on matters of the mind, body and soul.

Williams' book The Weigh Forward[52] posits subconscious blocks as the real reason that people hold on to weight at an increasing pace. The book is available in hard copy[53] and for the Kindle[54]

Williams' most recent release is Living The Life, the accompanying book to the hit Sky Arts Television Series of the same name. It was released in conjunction with Tesco Entertainment and Back Door Productions & Management.[55]

Williams' also contributed to the children's book The Tree of Seasons helping to finish it after the untimely death of Boyzone member and writer Stephen Gately[56][57][58]


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