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Jules et Jim is a trip hop / drum and bass band consisting of Jean-Marc Lederman (of The Weathermen) and Julianne Regan (of All About Eve). A 1999 press release describing their music reads: "While their sound is eerie, the vocal's in your face. When the voice whispers, the music slashes like a flick-knife. It's warm but chilled, it's groovy while discreet, it's a night record you wanna hear when the sun comes up."



  • Swimming CD1 (1999)
  1. "Swimming" (Single Edit)
  2. "Only a Fool" (Underwater Mix)
  • Swimming CD2 (1999)
  1. "Swimming" (Single Edit)
  2. "Only a Fool" (Radio Mix)
  3. "Swimming" (Plastic Boat Mix)
  4. "Only a Fool" (Underwater Mix)


  • Subtitles (2001)
  1. "If Life Were a Movie"
  2. "What are the Chances?"
  3. "I Only Have Eyes For You"
  4. "It’s a Beautiful World"
  5. "Sylvia"
  6. "Queen Kerosene"


The above releases have also been repackaged as a downloadable album on various online mp3 stores:

  • Subtitles and More (2009)
  1. "Swimming"
  2. "If Life Were a Movie"
  3. "What are the Chances?"
  4. "Sylvia"
  5. "Only a Fool"
  6. "It’s a Beautiful World"
  7. "What are the Chances?" (Fairies Mix)
  8. "Swimming" (Plastic Boat Mix)
  9. "Only a Fool" (Underwater Mix)
  10. "Queen Kerosene"

Other releases[edit]

The band have also released a number of other tracks through their (now defunct) website:

  • "What are the Chances?" (Ballad Mix)
  • "Brass" (Instrumental)
  • "Laidback & The Kid" (Instrumental)

Other collaborations[edit]

The duo have also collaborated on a number of other projects together.

Regan has contributed vocals to game soundtrack music composed by Lederman. Games include[2] Mystic Inn, Fairies and Kudos: Rock Legend. The soundtrack from Fairies was released as a downloadable single with the following tracks:

  1. "Fairies Theme"
  2. "The Castle"
  3. "The Forest"
  4. "Time"
  5. "The Plains"
  6. "Zen"
  7. "Chances EMO"

Their most recent collaboration is on Lederman's La Femme Verte covers project. Regan has contributed vocals to a number of tracks on the album Small Distortions[3] (original artists in brackets):

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