Julfa District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Julfa Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Julfa Rayon
Country Azerbaijan
Capital Julfa city
 • Total 1,000 km2 (400 sq mi)
Population (2009)[2]
 • Total 41,195
Zip Code 7200
Telephone code 0136

Julfa (Azerbaijani: Culfa, Ҹулфа, جولفا) is a rayon of Azerbaijan in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Julfa city is the rayon's capital and the names, Jolfa/Julfa are also used for several regions in neighboring Iran.


The rayon borders upon Armenia in the North-East, and Iran in the South. Julfa Rayon is in the east from Nakhchivan city. Damirlidagh Mountain (3368 m) is the highest point of the rayon. Summer of the rayon is hot and dry, but winter is cold. Average temperature in January is between -10 and -3°C, in July between +19 and +28°C. Amount of annual precipitation is 200-600 mm. The Alinja, Garadara Rivers and the Aras River (along the border with Iran) flow through the rayon’s territory. There are forest massifs in the mountains where trees such as oak, beech and hornbeam grow. Fauna is represented by such animals as wolf, fox and rabbit.[3]


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Coordinates: 38°57′36″N 45°37′48″E / 38.96000°N 45.63000°E / 38.96000; 45.63000