Julia Adlerberg

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Julia Adlerberg

Julia Feodorovna Adlerberg, née Anna Charlotta Juliana von Baggehufvud (1760-1839), was a Russian pedagogue. She was the principal of the Smolny Institute in Saint Petersburg in 1802–1839.

She was the daughter of the Swedish-Baltic noble Friedrich Wilhelm von Baggehufvudt and Charlotta Eleonora von Rosenthal of Pergel, and married in 1785 to a Swedish colonel in Russian service, Gustaf Fredrik Adlerberg (d. 1794). She became the mother of the imperial governess Julia Baranova. In 1792, she was appointed governess for grand prince Nikolaj and grand prince Michael of Russia, and in 1802, she was appointed principal of the Smolny Institute.

She was made dame d’honneur in 1824 and received the order of St Catherine (second degree) in 1835. The park outside the Smolny Institute, Adlerbergskogo, was named after her.


Anna Charlotta Juliana Bagghufvud i Wilhelmina Stålberg, Anteckningar om svenska qvinnor (1864)

Preceded by
Jelizaveta Palmenbach
Principal of the Smolny Institute
Succeeded by
Maria Leontieva