Julia Caroline Dorr

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Julia Caroline Dorr
Julia Dorr.jpg
Born Julia Caroline Ripley
Died 1913
Alma mater Middlebury College
Occupation writer, novelist, poet
Spouse(s) Seneca M. Dorr

Julia Caroline (Ripley) Dorr (1825–1913) was an American author who published both prose and poetry. She was born at Charleston, South Carolina, but moved early in her life to New York City, then to Rutland, Vermont. There she married Hon. Seneca M. Dorr. Her half-brothers were Edward H. Ripley and William Y. W. Ripley, both prominent officers in the American Civil War. Her earliest published writings appeared in 1848. She wrote:

  • Isabel Leslie (1848)
  • Farmingdale (1854)
  • Lanmere (1856)
  • Sybil Huntingdon (1869)
  • Expiation (1872)
  • Bermuda (1884)
  • The Flower of England's Face (1895)
  • A Cathedral Pilgrimage (1896)
  • In King's Houses (1898)

Mrs. Dorr is best known, however, for volumes of thoughtful verse. A collected edition of her poems appeared in 1892.

  • Poems (1871)
  • Friar Anselm and Other Poems (1879)
  • Daybreak: An Easter Poem (1872)
  • Afternoon Songs (1885)
  • Afterglow (1900)
  • Beyond the Sunset (1909)
  • Last Poems (1913)


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