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For other people named Julia Caesaris, see Julia Caesaris.

Julia Caesaris (c. 129 BC – 104 BC) or more commonly known as Julia Cornelia, was the daughter of consul Lucius Julius Caesar II and Poppilia. She was the sister of Lucius Julius Caesar III and Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo Vopiscus. She later became the first wife of future dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla. She married Sulla some time around 110 BC and had his daughter, Cornelia Sulla, that following year. She became pregnant again in 104 BC and gave birth to a son. Unfortunately, she died in childbirth. After her death Sulla married the noble woman Aelia, who became a devoted stepmother to Julia's children.

Julia Cornelia was a first cousin of the Julia that married Gaius Marius. This connection may have been why Sulla served as a quaestor on Marius' staff in the capture of Jugurtha. She was also a second cousin once removed of the dictator Julius Caesar, and aunt of Julia Antonia and Lucius Julius Caesar IV.

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