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Julia Adamson (also known as Julia Nagle from 1988 to 2006) (born September 30, 1960, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) is a composer/musician and current label manager of Invisiblegirl Records. In 1967 her family moved to Manchester, England.


In 1971 she recorded with St Winifreds Choir on the school's first album of modern hymns. In 1977 she played in punk group Blackout alongside Tony Ogden and Gordon King. She joined the group Illustration in 1979 and recorded material with Martin Hannett as producer for Some Bizzare Records.[1]

Adamson worked as Hannett's personal assistant from 1981 until 1983. She was employed as a tape op and sound engineer at Strawberry Studios from 1984 to 1990.

In 1986 she formed the Manchester group What? Noise with her husband Chris Nagle (married 1988–1994) and was signed to One Little Indian Records, where she contributed to the album Fat and the EP Vein.

Adamson was a member of the alternative rock band The Fall between 1995 and 2001, playing keyboards, guitar and computers.[2] She contributed to The Light User Syndrome, Levitate, The Marshall Suite and The Unutterable. Writing credits include the singles "Masquerade" and "Touch Sensitive".

Since 2001 Adamson has continued to write and perform under the name Invisiblegirl. and released the single "Fun" in September 2006. Invisiblegirl has now expanded into Invisiblegirl Music Publishing Limited and Invisiblegirl records with over 30 releases. In 2009 she released an album compiled of 14 different artists she discovered on myspace,entitled A Place in Space.[2]

At the closure of Strawberry studios Adamson retrieved a large number of master tapes from a number of Factory and other artists. It resulted in a number of court-cases regarding the ownership of the material.[3][4]

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