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Julia Peyton-Jones OBE (born 18 February 1952[1]) is currently the Co-Director of the Serpentine Gallery. She lives and works in London.[2]

Early life[edit]

Peyton-Jones studied painting at the Royal College of Art between 1975–78,[3] but did not continue a career as a professional artist. Two of her works still hang in the Bank of England.[4] After her education, she was briefly an art lecturer at the Edinburgh College of Art.[4]


In 1988 she became a curator at the Hayward Gallery.[5]

Serpentine Galleries[edit]

In 1991 Peyton-Jones became the director of the Serpentine Galleries. In 1998, she oversaw a major refurbishment of the gallery .[6] In 2000 she inaugurated the annual Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, a project that invites an architect who has previously never been commissioned to work in the United Kingdom to create a temporary structure at the Gallery.[6] The first pavilion was designed by Zaha Hadid.[7] Subsequent pavilions have been designed by Ai Weiwei, Jean Nouvel, and Oscar Niemeyer.[7]

In 2013 she oversaw the expansion of the Serpentine into a second building, the Serpentine Sackler Gallery.[8] The Serpentine Sackler Gallery is located in a Grade-II listed building, which was originally used for gun powder storage, and has an extension by the architect Zaha Hadid.[8] Julia Peyton-Jones is often referred to as 'JPJ' by many of her staff and colleagues.


Peyton-Jones was awarded an OBE as a part of the Queen's Birthday Honors List in 2003 for her services to art.[9]


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