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Julia Stewart Lowndes is a marine ecologist and advocate for the open science movement and kinder, better science.[1][2] The focus of her work is promoting openness to data in the scientific community, and helping fellow researchers learn how to work with open data and the processes surrounding it.[3][4] She seeks to use this method to promote scientific communities and research.[5][2]

Career and experience[edit]

Stewart Lowndes is the founder and co-director of Openscapes, a mentorship program that teaches researchers how to use data and code in their labs, work with open-source software, and network with peers in the same field.[6] She also is an instructor for The Carpentries, as well as the co-founder of the groups Eco-Data-Science and R-Ladies Santa Barbara.[2] Lowndes was a Mozilla Fellow.[3] She has led the Ocean Health Index science program in the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, where she currently works.[6][1] Lowndes frequently speaks at conferences regarding the use of data in science and the promotion of open scientific communities, recently including SORTEE and Cascadia R Conference.[7][2]


She received her PhD from Stanford University.[5] Her dissertation, completed in 2012, was on the Humboldt squid; she observed the drivers and impact of the species with relation to the changing climate.[8][5][9]


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