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Juliacks (born April 9, 1986) is an artist, filmmaker, performer-choreographer, cartoonist, and playwright living in the USA and the Netherlands.

Her feature film, performance and comics project: Architecture of An Atom[1] has been published, screened, performed and published at the Moderna Museum of Malmö[2] & Stockholm,[3] the Musee d'art Contemporain of Lyon,[4] Centre d'Art Contemporain of Geneve,[5] the Kiasma Museum of Art with the Helsinki Comics Festival, ALT_CPH in Copenhagen and other contexts in France, Canada, Denmark, Italy and Portugal.

Published in independent magazines and anthologies internationally including, the Graphic Canon,[6] Lumpen Magazine,[7] Insect Bath,[8] Zeroquatre,[9] Kutikuti,[10] Windy Corner[11] and Unicorn Mountain,[12] in 2009 Sparkplug Comics published her collaboration with Olga Volazova comic book, Rock That Never Sleeps.[13] While in Finland on a Fulbright grant for performance art, she made the comic art book and film, Invisible Forces that was taken on tour.[14] Her graphic novel Swell premiered as a play at Culture Project's Women Center Stage Festival March 2012 in New York.[15]


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