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Juliacks (born April 9, 1986) is an American filmmaker, performance-installation artist, cartoonist, and playwright living in France. A transmedia artist, she creates stories told through the mediums of narrative films, video art, non-narrative performance installations, narrative theater, and narrative art comics. Influenced by the semiotic theory of comics and the history of performance art, her narrative films aim to represent psychological drawings into the live action world. Her performances take inspiration from elements, themes and frameworks of the story that provoke a question.

Published in independent magazines and anthologies internationally including Insect Bath, Zeroquatre, Kutikuti, Windy Corner and Unicorn Mountain, in 2009 Sparkplug Comics published her collaborative comic book, Rock That Never Sleeps. While in Finland on a Fulbright grant for performance art, she made the comic art book and film, Invisible Forces that was taken on a mini-world tour. Her graphic novel Swell premiered as a play at Culture Project's Women Center Stage Festival March 2012 in New York. Living in France she’s developing a new trans-media story: a feature film, performance and comics project: Architecture of An Atom that has been published, screened and performed at the Moderna Museum of Malmö, the Kiasma Museum of Art with the Helsinki Comics Festival, ALT_CPH in Copenhagen and other contexts in France, Canada, Denmark, Italy and Portugal.


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