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Julian Chagrin (born 22 February 1940) is a British-Israeli comedy actor.[1][2] He is the husband of actress and comedian Rolanda Chagrin. His father was the composer and conductor Francis Chagrin .

He is perhaps best known as one of the tennis-playing mimes in the 1966 cult film Blowup,[3] and as the 'secret lemonade drinker' in a popular advert for R. White's Lemonade in the 1970s.[4] After appearing in films such as Danger Route (1967) and Alfred the Great (1969), he played Bill the Lizard in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972), which notably featured Peter Sellers as the March Hare and Spike Milligan as the Gryphon, and he acted with Sellers and Milligan again in The Great McGonagall in 1974. He also appeared as Maxi Grease, an odious TV host, in "Superstar", an episode of The Goodies,[5][6] and as one half of a murderous comedy duo, together with Jimmy Jewel, in an episode of The Avengers.[7]

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