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Julian Codman (21 September 1870 – 30 December 1932) was born in Cotuit, Massachusetts as the son of Col. Charles Russell Codman[1] and his wife, née Lucy Lyman Paine Sturgis.[2] He was a lawyer who was a vigorous opponent of Prohibition,[3] and who was also involved with the Anti-Imperialist League.

In 1897 he married Norah Chadwick, daughter of James Read Chadwick and his wife Katherine Maria Lyman. They had two daughters.

Anti-Imperialist affiliations[edit]

  • Executive Committee of New England Anti-Imperialist League 1902–04
  • Delegate of Democratic National Conventions 1904
  • Signatory of Philippine Independence Committee Petition 1904
  • Executive Committee of Anti-Imperialist League (1904–21) 1904
  • Vice president of Anti-Imperialist League (1904–21) 1918

Reform affiliations[edit]


Secretary Root's Record:"Marked Severities" in Philippine Warfare


Military service[edit]

_US Army 1916–19

Party affiliation[edit]



  1. ^ Charles Russell Codman (1829–1918) was a colonel in the Union Army and commanded the 45th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.
  2. ^ Lucy Lyman Paine (Sturgis) Codman (1833–1907) was a daughter of Russell Sturgis (1805–1887).
  3. ^ "Codman Urges Virulent to Disregard Dry Law". Harvard Crimson. 11 May 1926. 

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