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Julian Eggebrecht at Gamescom 2012

Julian Eggebrecht is a video game developer. He is notable as having been the founding president and creative director of Factor 5,[1] a defunct game studio which was located in Marin County, California with additional R&D offices in Cologne, Germany.

Eggebrecht founded Factor 5 in Germany in 1987 and moved the company to California in 1996 for the purpose of closer working with their largest partner, LucasArts.[2][3]

He was key in Factor 5 becoming Nintendo's technology partner, supplying the Nintendo 64 audio development software; and in the fundamental development of the Nintendo GameCube[citation needed] and Wii[citation needed] console hardware and software. He was a member of the Sony PS3 Edge toolset group[citation needed]. He and teams from his company have pioneered many technological advancements in video game audiovisual technology such as MusyX (originally called MOsys FX Surround), with collaboration with Dolby Labs, THX, and AMD (then known as ATi).[citation needed].

His games include the Turrican and Star Wars Rogue Squadron series, Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures, and ports of International Superstar Soccer Deluxe and Contra III: The Alien Wars. He served on the board of the IGDA[citation needed] of the Game Developers Conference[citation needed].

Between 1993 and 2000, he was a freelancer for the German version of the video game magazine Total!.[4]

At the 2007 Games Convention Developers Conference, Eggebrecht criticized the ESRB for random processing in the guidelines to the development of Lair, and called for improvement to the system.[5]

After Factor 5 closed in 2008 due to financial issues,[6] in 2010, Eggebrecht and other former Factor 5 employees founded the mobile game studio TouchFactor.[7]


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