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"Sir" Julian Gould (January 21, 1915 – February 1977) was an American jazz/pop organist, pianist and composer.

He was born Julius Goldberg. He earned a master's degree in music at UCLA. "Sir" was a nickname, not an earned honorific. He recorded albums which fall under the category of space age pop or lounge music: "The Thirteen Fingers of Sir Julian (RCA Victor, LPM 2372)", "A Knight at the Organ (RCA Victor, LSP 2591, 1962)", "50 Fabulous Organ Favorites (United Artists, UAL 3346)" and "Organ in Orbit (United Artists, UAL 3334, 1963)". He also recorded honky tonk under the pseudonym Shamus O'Gould: At the Golden Nugget (Design Records DLP 42).

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