Julian Koziak

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Julian Koziak
Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta
In office
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Gordon Wright
Constituency Edmonton-Strathcona
Personal details
Born Julian Gregory Joseph Koziak
(1940-09-16) 16 September 1940 (age 76)
Edmonton, Alberta
Political party Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta
Spouse(s) Barbara Lee Melnychuk
(m. 19 Aug 1961)
Alma mater University of Alberta

Julian Gregory Joseph Koziak (born 16 September 1940) is a former provincial level politician from Alberta, Canada. He served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1971 until 1986.[1] He was the son of John Harry and Marie (née Woytkiw) Koziak.[2]

Political career[edit]

Koziak ran for provincial office as a candidate for the Progressive Conservatives.

He stood in Edmonton-Strathcona against Social Credit Minister of Health Joseph Donovan Ross. Koziak defeated Ross in an upset winning the new electoral district with just shy of 50% of the popular vote.[3]

He ran for a second term in the 1975 Alberta general election. In this election he faced New Democrat Gordon Wright for the first time. Koziak's share of the popular vote dropped from the 1971 election but gained in terms of percentage. He easily won the six-way race.[4]

After winning a second term, Koziak was appointed Minister of Education by Peter Lougheed.[5]

Koziak ran for a third term in the 1979 Alberta general election. He won a closely contested rematch against Wright and a field of five other candidates. Koziak won the electoral district by a 5% margin taking 45% of the popular vote.[6]

After the election, Lougheed shuffled the cabinet and moved Koziak to Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs.[5] He ran for his fourth term in office in the 1982 Alberta general election. He would face Wright again for a third time, just barely retaining his seat. Both Wright and Koziak increased their share of the popular vote.[7]

Koziak moved to his third portfolio and serve as the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Koziak ran for leadership of the Progressive Conservative party in the 1985 Leadership election. He was defeated by Don Getty on the second ballot.[5] He ran for a fifth term in office in the 1986 Alberta general election. This time he was defeated by Gordon Wright in his fourth time running against Koziak and his sixth attempt for public office.[8]


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