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Julian Le Fay (or LeFay), also known as Julian Jensen,[1] born Benni Jensen on October 30, 1965,[2] is a Danish programmer, video game designer and musician.

Julian LeFay was in an Electro-Pop band named Russia Heat. They charted with their single, "Tell Me Your Name".[3] Early in his work, he worked on some PC, Amiga and NES projects, programming and composed music for Where's Waldo? and Sword of Sodan, among others.

Sometimes referred to affectionately as the "Father of The Elder Scrolls", joined Bethesda Softworks shortly after the company's creation in 1987. He held the role of Chief Engineer there for many years,[4] and guided the company through the creation of some of its seminal games, such as Terminator 2029, Arena, Daggerfall and Battlespire.[5][6] The Elder Scrolls deity Julianos is based off Julian. He worked briefly on The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind as a contractor after quitting Bethesda in 1998.[1]

He also worked at Sega briefly and was the Vice President of Development at Blockbuster for a time.[1][4] Julian was also briefly involved in the production of Skullgirls.[1][4]

In his reddit AMA on /r/Daggerfall he has stated that he does not have a deep love for the products or the jobs he performs today, but he cares greatly for his work and precision in his programming. He implied that he has not visited the Bethesda Studios office in years and that he lives only a few minutes from it. He has stated the house implementation in Daggerfall was done late and was therefore underdeveloped. He was unhappy with the lack of furniture and other assets that did not make it into the final game.[7]


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