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Julián Martín Obiglio was born in 1976, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a lawyer who specializes in Business Law and graduated from the Museo Social Argentino University. Julián has a Master’s Degree in Business Law by ESEADE (Argentina) and an additional Master's Degree in Politics Studies Applied by FIIAPP (Madrid). In the periods from 2005 to 2009 and from 2010 to 2013, he was National Representative for the center-right party Propuesta Republicana (Republican Proposal, mopre commonly known as PRO) representing Buenos Aires City. In addition, from 2007 to 2009 and from 2012 to 2013 he was member of the Mercosur Parliament. His political career includes the founding in 2002, along with Ricardo López Murphy, of the political party Recrear para el crecimiento(Recreate for growth). In turn he promoted in 2005 the PRO alliance, which took him to be candidate for National Representative in the list headed by Mauricio Macri. Upon taking his seat he was the youngest integrant of the lower house (Honorable Cámara de Diputados de la Nación). By the middle of 2008 he joined the PRO party inviting all members of the alliance initiated in 2005 to follow those steps in order to unify different forces. Obiglio is now the Executive Director of "Fundación Nuevas Generaciones" (New Generations Foundation). In addition, he is a founder member of the political group known as Generación Democrática (Democratic Generation) and also integrates the Foundation Council or "Fundación Pensar".

Legislative Activity[edit]

During his first term he was Secretary of the Interbloque of PRO which meant he had permanent contact with all of the political forces that integrated the Chamber. In the Chamber of Representatives he presided over the Mercosur Committee. At the regional level, he was a member of the Mercosur Parliament representing Argentina. In addition, he has been member of several Parliamentary Friendship Groups, such as those with South Africa, Germany, Lebanon and Spain. These are groups that work as a link between Parliament members of different countries. He integrated the following committees:

• Mercosur (President)

• "Legislación de trabajo"/ Labour LegislationSecretary)

• "Industria"/Industry (Secretary)

• "Bicameral permanente del trámite legislativo"/Bicameral permanent, legislative procedure (Chair)

• "Bicameral de control de los fondos de la Seguridad Social"/Bicameral permanent, social security’s funds control (Chair)

• "Pequeñas y medianas empresas"/Small and medium entreprises (Chair)

• "Legislación general"/General Legislation (Chair)

• "Presupuesto y hacienda"/Budget (Chair)

• "Intereses marítimos, fluviales, pesqueros, y portuarios"/ Maritime, fluvial, fishing, and port interests (Chair)

• "Grupo parlamentario de amistad con Sudáfrica"/Parliamentary friendship group with South Africa (President)

• "Grupo parlamentario de amistad con Alemania"/Parliamentary friendship group with Germany(Chair)

• "Grupo parlamentario de amistad con Israel"/Parliamentary friendship group with Israel(Chair)

• "Grupo parlamentario de amistad con el Líbano" /Parliamentary friendship group with Lebanon(Chair)

• "Grupo parlamentario de amistad con España"/Parliamentary friendship group with Spain (Chair)

Obiglio was the author of fifty law projects, which were officially presented at the lower chamber, and fifty one projects as co-signer.

Generación Democrática (Democratic Generation)[edit]

It is a group of leaders that come from the so-called "intermediate generation" (30 to 45 years old), which is composed by members of PRO, "Peronismo" and several local parties. It started working in Buenos Aires City, 2 July 2012. The group’s mains aims are to join the leaders of the middle generation, who have the same ideas and to offer a space of belonging to all citizens who share their values and ideas. Generación Democrática’s main political motivation is the protection of democratic values and transparency in the exercise of public functions. This organization works at a federal level. At the same time, it combines political activism, management and education.

Activity as Executive Director of Fundación Nuevas Generaciones (New Generations Foundation)[edit]

As Executive Director, Obiglio has provided close political support to several political groups, generating political training programs and meeting spaces. The "Fundación Nuevas Generaciones" works to establish links between those with similar political viewpoints in order to support government programs and agreements that can be sustained over time. This is focused especially on the members of the new political generations, on the basis of transparent and democratic values.


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