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Julian Sher is a Canadian investigative journalist and author based in Montreal. He was an investigative producer with the CBC's the fifth estate for 10 years. He has written extensively about motorcycle gangs.

He is the creator and webmaster of JournalismNet, a resource site for journalists and is currently the senior producer of the fifth estate..[1]


  • White Hoods: Canada's Ku Klux Klan (1983)
  • "Until You Are Dead" : Steven Truscott's Long Ride into History (2001)
  • The Road to Hell : How the Biker Gangs are Conquering Canada (2003) co-authored by William Marsden
  • Angels of Death : Inside the Bikers' Global Crime Empire (2006) co-authored by William Marsden
  • One Child at a Time: the Global Fight to Rescue Children from Online Predators (2007)


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