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Pronunciation jūl-îanná
Gender Female
Word/name from Latin
Meaning "youthful"
Region of origin Mediterranean Europe
Other names
Related names Julianus, Julian, Julia, Julio, Julius, Julien, Julie

Juliana (variants Julianna, Giuliana, Iuliana, Julijana, Yuliana, etc) is a feminine given name originated presumably from Julius Caesar, the Roman statesman and military leader. It is a portmentau of the names Julia and Anna. Juliana or Giuliana was the name of a number of early saints, notably Saint Julian the Hospitaller, which went to ensure the name's continued popularity in the medieval period.

People with the given name Juliana[edit]


  • Julianna of Paul and Juliana (died 270), Christian martyr during the Aurelian persecution
  • St. Juliana of Nicomedia (died 304), Christian martyr during the Diocletian persecution in 304
  • St. Juliana of Liège (1193–1252), nun and visionary from Retinnes in Fléron in the Bishopric of Liège, now in Belgium
  • St. Juliana Falconieri (1270–1341), Italian foundress of the Servite Third Order
  • Julian of Norwich (1342–1416), one of the greatest English mystics
  • Juliana Holszanska (1375–1448), third wife of Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke of Lithuania
  • Sts. Juliana and Semproniana are martyrs associated with the legend of Saint Cucuphas
  • Uliana of Tver (c. 1320–1392), daughter of Grand Prince Alexander of Tver who became a nun under the name Marina

Early modern[edit]


Other uses[edit]