Murder of Julie Berman

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Julie Berman
Died (aged 51)
Known forTransgender advocacy

The murder of Canadian transgender rights activist Julie Berman (1967/68 – 22 December 2019) occurred in downtown Toronto.[1] Berman was found in a home with severe head injuries on 22 December 2019; she was brought to a hospital and pronounced dead.[2] Colin Harnack was charged with second-degree murder for the assault.[3][4] The murder of Berman was cited as a prominent example of violence against trans people in Canada.[5][6]

Berman was a hairdresser,[7] prominent for trans-activism within the Toronto LGBTQ+ community,[8] who had volunteered with the Toronto-based LGBTQ+ charity The 519 for three decades.[9][10][11] Berman fought to raise awareness of anti-trans violence in Toronto and was involved with running Toronto's "Trans Day of Remembrance", which she had also spoken at.[8][12][13] Upon her death, Berman was hailed as a "lovely person who was committed to the political issues that are facing her community in Canada",[14] a "champion for trans rights".[15][16] Finance minister Bill Morneau, Toronto mayor John Tory, and Pride Toronto released statements mourning the death of Berman.[16][17] A vigil was held for her death in February 2020.[18]


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