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Julie F. Barcelona is a Filipino botanist (plant taxonomist), working as Research Associate at University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand).[1]


Julie F. Barcelona is married to Pieter B. Pelser. The pitcher plant species Nepenthes barcelonae was named in her honour.[2]

Co's Digital Flora of the Philippines[edit]

Julie F. Barcelona is a Co-Founder and a Main editor for Co's Digital Flora of the Philippines,[3] a website dedicated to collating photos of Philippine Botanical Species.[4]

Other Projects[edit]

Research on the Philippine members of the genus Rafflesia, which has the biggest flowers of any plant, and in particular the conservation of them.

Publications by Barcelona[edit]

  • Barcelona, J.F., M.M.E. Manting, R.B. Arbolonio, R.B. Caballero & P.B. Pelser. 2014. Rafflesia mixta (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines. Phytotaxa 174: 272-278.
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  • Pelser, P.B., D.N. Tandang & J.F. Barcelona. 2014. Balanophora coralliformis (Balanophoraceae), a new species from Mt. Mingan, Luzon, Philippines. Phytotaxa 170: 291-295.
  • Journé, V., J.F. Barcelona, J.V. LaFrankie & P.B. Pelser. 2014. Stylidium javanicum (Stylidiaceae), a new triggerplant record for the Philippines. Phytotaxa 186: 113-116.
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  • Pelser, P.B. & J.F. Barcelona. 2013. Discovery through photography: Amyema nickrentii, a new species of Loranthaceae from Aurora Province, Philippines. Phytotaxa 125: 47-52.
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  • Barcelona, J.F., P.B. Pelser, D.S. Balete & L.L. Co. 2009. Taxonomy, ecology, and conservation status of Philippine Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae). Blumea 54: 77-93.
  • Barcelona, J.F., P.B. Pelser, E.M. Cabutaje & N.A. Bartolome. 2008. Another new species of Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae) from Luzon, Philippines: R. leonardi. Blumea 53: 223-228.
  • Barcelona, J.F., P.B. Pelser & M.O. Cajano. 2007. Rafflesia banahaw (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Luzon, Philippines. Blumea 52: 345-350.


  • Barcelona, J.F. & P.B.Pelser. 2008. The story continues… the 8th Philippine species of Rafflesia, R. leonardi, discovered and named. Art-i-Facts 10(2): 6.
  • Barcelona, J.F., P.B. Pelser, A.M. Tagtag, R.G. Dahonog & A.P. Lilangan. 2008. The rediscovery of Rafflesia schadenbergiana Göpp. ex Hieron. (Rafflesiaceae). Flora Malesiana Bulletin 14: 162-165.


Outstanding Young Scientist 2005[dead link]


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