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Julie Hyzy is an American author of mystery fiction.

Life and career[edit]

Julie A. Hyzy writes a series of books with sleuth Alex St James, a news researcher, which combines mystery and adventure, and another about Olivia Paras, assistant chef at the White house, which sits in the subgenre "culinary mysteries". Her State of the Onion, from the latter series, won an Anthony Award and other awards.[1][2][3][4] She has a third series, the Manor House Mysteries, featuring amateur sleuth Grace Wheaton, curator of palatial Marshfield Manor.

Hyzy studied business at college and worked in business-related jobs until taking up fiction writing. She also writes under two pseudonyms, N. C. Hyzy and S. F. Hyzy.


Alex St James series

White House Chef Mysteries - Ollie Paras series

Manor House Mysteries - Grace Wheaton series


Ebooks as N. C. Hyzy

  • Playing With Matches, a Riley Drake Mystery
  • Mystery Short Stories

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