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Julie K. Brown (born 1961/62) is an American investigative journalist with the Miami Herald best known for pursuing the sex-ring story surrounding financier Jeffrey Epstein.[1]

Early life and career[edit]

Brown was raised near Philadelphia by a single parent. She left home at 16 and worked in menial jobs before she could afford to attend college. She graduated magna cum laude from Temple University in 1987 with a degree in journalism.[1]

After college, Brown worked for the Philadelphia Daily News before joining the Miami Herald, around 2000.[1][2][3]

Brown has been credited with the re-opening of the Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse case. After Epstein was arrested and charged in July 2019, she tweeted in response: "The Real Heroes Here were the courageous victims that faced their fears and told their stories".[4] Brown’s articles, collected under the title Perversion of Justice, resurfaced on social media. “This is what happens when a reporter refuses to give up on a story,” The Columbia Journalism Review wrote on Twitter following Epstein's arrest. Geoffrey Berman, a federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, also commented at a news conference that his team had been “assisted by some excellent investigative journalism.”[1]


She won a 2018 George Polk Award in the category of Justice Reporting.[1]

She won a December 2018 Sidney Award.[5]


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