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Julie Larson is an American cartoonist who draws the single panel comic strip The Dinette Set. The panel began in 1990 under the title Suburban Torture, and has been syndicated since 1997. The comic features the Penny family and their banal existence in American suburbia; it is distributed by GoComics.[1]

She grew up in a family of five kids in Lincoln, Illinois. Drawing was her hobby.[1]

Larson played competitive tennis until college. She earned a BS in Architecture from the University of Illinois and spent the next eight years working in the design field. In 1989, after the first of her three daughters was born, Julie and her family moved from Chicago to the suburbs.[1]

She began writing The Dinette Set comic in 1990, then called Suburban Torture, offering a satire on middle class culture. The Dinette Set became syndicated in 1997.[1]

According to Larson's daughter, cartoon characters never age however the writers do. This is why she put the curtain down on Crustwood and "The Dinette Set " in November 2015 to rest and retire.

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