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Julie Maxton (b. 31 Aug 1955)[1] is a British lawyer and academic.[2]


Born in Scotland, Maxton studied at University College London, Canterbury University, and the University of Auckland.

At Auckland her career was both academic and administrative, with periods as the Dean of Graduate Studies and as an Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Most recently, she was Dean of the Faculty of Law, and held a chair in commercial law, a post she left to come to Oxford. During this time, she was also a practicing barrister, concentrating on appellate cases.

She holds the position of Executive Director of the Royal Society.[3] She is the first woman to be appointed to the position in its 350-year history.[4]

Prior to her appointment at the Royal Society, she held the position of Registrar of the University of Oxford (head of the university's administration); the first woman to hold the office in the 550 years since the position was first established.[5]


She was married to Major Jim Carson, MBE, the first leader of the New Zealand Army Band and later Head of Music at Auckland Grammar School.


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