Julie Tetel Andresen

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Julie Tetel Andresen
Born1950 (age 73–74)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
  • Linguistic historiographer
  • novelist
EducationDuke University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PhD)

Julie Tetel Andresen (born 1950) is a prominent American linguistic historiographer and romance novelist.

Andresen is a professor at Duke University, where she has taught since 1986. Her primary appointment is in the Department of English. She has secondary appointments in the Departments of Cultural Anthropology and Slavic and Eurasian Studies. She is currently the chair of the Interdepartmental Program in Linguistics.


Andresen was born in Chicago, Illinois and earned her undergraduate degree at Duke in 1972.[1] She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1980. Her dissertation was “Linguistic Crossroads of the Eighteenth Century.”


Andresen began her academic career as a linguistic historiographer. Over the years she widened her research to investigate human language from the perspectives of autopoiesis, behaviorism, cultural anthropology, developmental systems theory, evolutionary biology, gender studies, neurobiology, philosophy, political theory, primatology, and psychology.[2] She is known for her approach to synthesizing the latest research in the social and biological sciences, and its contribution to linguistic theory.

Andresen published her first fiction novel in 1985. During her fiction writing career, she has published twenty-five historical and contemporary novels for mass market and independent publishers including Harlequin Enterprises, Fawcett Publications, Madeira Books, and Amazon.[3]

Awards and distinctions[edit]

  • Senior Researcher, University of Bucharest, Romania, Fulbright Grant, 2005-2006, lecturing in Social and Political Issues in American Language Studies, Past and Present[4]
  • Project Director, Duke University-University of Bucharest Faculty Exchange, United States Information Agency, 1994-1999
  • Distinguished Alumna Award, Glenbrook South High School, 1995
  • Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of English, Duke University, 1993–94
  • Trinity College Distinguished Teaching Award, Humanities, Duke University, 1992

Academic publications[edit]


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Fiction publications[edit]

  • Love After All (2016)
  • Knocked Out (2015)
  • Captured (2014)
  • Tied Up (2013)
  • DeMarco's Café (2012)
  • French Lessons (2012)
  • Drawn to Love (2011)
  • The Emerald Hour (2011)
  • The Crimson Hour (2004)
  • The Blue Hour (1998)
  • Heart's Wilderness (1997)
  • Carolina Sonnet (1995)
  • MacLaurin's Lady (1995)
  • The Handfast (1994)
  • Simon's Lady (1994)
  • Dawn's Early Light (1993)
  • Unexpected Company (1993)
  • The Temporary Bride (1993)
  • Suspicious Hearts (1992)
  • And Heaven Too (1990)
  • Swept Away (1989)
  • Tangled Dreams (1989)
  • Catherine of York (1987)
  • Lord Laxton's Will (1985)
  • My Lord Roland (1985)


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