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Julie le Brocquy is co-founder of le Brocquy Fraser Productions.[1] Her credits include the award winning Osama


Julie Le Brocquy, born in Ireland in 1960, was educated in Ireland. She is divorced with two children and is one of Ireland's leading creative film producers. Her work has been showcased at leading festivals, been the recipient of numerous awards and received extensive distribution throughout Europe the United States and Asia. Having worked as a Bond trader for 12 years at Salomon Brothers in London and Asia she is extremely well versed in all phases of the investment process and thus brings together a unique blend of skills in both the financial and film arenas. Julie was born in Ireland to a prominent family in the arts and in business. The le Brocquy's have been for many generations strong patrons of the arts, both as supporters and as artists. Louis le Brocquy, 1916-2012,[2] was Ireland's most prominent modern artist. Sybil le Brocquy (née Staunton),[3] her grandmother was an author, a founder of Amnesty in Ireland and a major lobbyist for government support for the arts. Both are highly recognised in Ireland for their work. Her decade of experience as a producer has included partnerships with major cable networks and studios as well as ongoing independent production initiatives. She has a breadth of experience, relationships and contacts throughout the film industry that enable her to strategically produce and distribute effectively. Julie’s skills in developing creative marketing and exit strategies are ideally suited for the film sales market, as proven in her ten years of film production experience. This unique blend of financial and film disciplines enables her to maximize the potential return from a film production. Julie has travelled extensively and has lived outside of Ireland for about half her life. She spent years living in Asia and takes a particular interest in global stories and helping those without voices to speak. The filmography of leBrocquy Fraser Ltd strongly reflects her sensibilities towards Asia and the Middle East. She presently resides in Dublin, Ireland, and spends much of the year in New York. Julie also writes and dabbles in the stock market .

Buai Laju Laju[edit]

(Swing My Swing High, My Darling)
Feature Film (Malaysia) 2004
Written & Directed By U-Wei Bin HajiSaari[4]


  • 17th Malaysian Film Festival : Best Actor Eman Manan

Story Undone[edit]

Feature Film Drama Iran 2004[5]

Written & Directed By Hassan Yektapanah[6]

This remarkable tale from acclaimed Iranian director Hassan Yektapanah captures the plight and desperation of a group of people trying to migrate illegally to Europe, as seen through the eyes of a documentary filmmaker who wishes to film their story. Story Undone premiered at the 2004 Locarno Film Festival.


  • The Silver Leopard for Best First and Second Film
  • NETPAC award for Best Asian Film.
  • The Special Jury Award at the Amazonas International Film Festival 2004
  • The Amnesty International DOEN Award at the 2005 Rotterdam Film Festival


Directed by Siddiq Barmak[7]


  • Golden Globe Award 2004 : Best Foreign Film[8]
  • Cannes 2003 : Special Mention - Camera D'Or
  • Cannes Junior 2003 : Awarded by children from around the world
  • CICAE Prize, 2003 : Awarded by French Arthouse Theatre owners and the Prix
  • UNESCO-Federico Fellini Award 2003
  • Cinemaya 5 Festival : New Delhi - Best Actress Award
  • FicBrasilia Festival 2003 : Brazil-Special Mention
  • PUSAN : Korea-Audience Award
  • Montreal Film Festival : Top prize
  • Golden Spike at 48th Valladolid Intl Film Festival 2003 : Spain
  • London Film Festival 2003 :The BFI Sutherland Jury Prize

Sepohon Rambutan[edit]

My Beautiful Rambutan Tree in Tanjung Rambutan (2006)[9] Written & Directed by: U-Wei Bin HajiSaari. This short film premiered at Directors Fortnight Cannes in 2006

Wangi Jadi Saksi[edit]

Theatrical Play by U-Wei Bin HajiSaari, Malaysia ’06 & Singapore ’07


Written and Directed by Hassan Yektapanah (2008)

I Come With The Rain[edit]

Written and Directed by Tran Anh Hung (2009).

Burma Soldier[edit]

Written and DIrected (2011) by Nic Dunlop, Annie Sundberg, Ricki Stern[10]



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