Julien Fourgeaud

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Julien Fourgeaud
Julien Fourgeaud - Scarlet Motors Launch.jpg
Julien Fourgeaud at Campus Party Europe 2012, launching Scarlet Motors
Born(1980-04-25)25 April 1980
Died6 August 2014(2014-08-06) (aged 34)
Magland, France
Cause of deathBase Jumping accident
Occupationinventor, entrepreneur
Known forCo-founder of Scarlet Motors
TitleCPO of Transfluent

Julien Fourgeaud (April 25, 1980 – August 6, 2014[1]) ex-Rovio's digital services product strategist and co-founder of Scarlet Motors.[2][3]


His career began at Nokia, contributing in projects such ESeries and NSeries handsets, as the transition from keypad to touch interface, and leading the major effort behind third-party integration for the N97 in 2009, based on the Symbian OS, who was developed by a Symbian's community led by the Symbian Foundation who have Julien as their spokesperson.[4]

At Rovio, Fourgeaud was involved in the development of new services and products.[5]


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