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Juliet E. McMains is a United States dance scholar and instructor,[1] the author of the Glamour Addiction, the first comprehensive study of the United States DanceSport.[2][3]

Juliet McMains started doing ballroom dancing as a teenager. Eventually she became professional ballroom dancer until she stopped competing in 2003.[1] Her Senior thesis in the college was Tradition and Transgression: Gender Roles in Ballroom Dancing. She earned B.A. in Women's Studies from Harvard University and PhD in dance history and theory (2003) at the University of California, Riverside.[4]

As of 2006, she is a teacher of World Dance History, Beginning Salsa and Beginning Tango at the University of Washington, Seattle. Her academic specializations include dance ethnography, social dance history, post-structural theory, cultural studies, and feminist theory.[1][4]

Scholar works[edit]


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