Juliette Bonheur

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Juliette Bonheur
Born1830 (1830)
Paris, France
Died1891 (aged 60–61)
Paris, France
Known forPainting
Spouse(s)Hippolyte Peyrol

Juliette Peyrol Bonheur (1830–1891) was a French painter. She was known for her animal paintings. She is the sister of Rosa Bonheur (1822–1899), Auguste Bonheur (1824–1884), and Isidore Bonheur (1827–1901).[1]


Peyrol Bonheur was born in Paris in 1830.[2] She was trained in painting by her father as was her elder sister Rosa.[3] Her mother was Sophie Bonheur (née Marquis), a piano teacher; she died when Peyrol Bonheur was a baby. Her father was Oscar-Raymond Bonheur, a landscape and portrait painter who encouraged his daughter's artistic talents.[4]

She was married to Hippolyte Peyrol who owned a bronze foundry.[5]

She exhibited her paintings at the Salon (Paris) from 1852 until 1889.[6]

She died in Paris in 1891.[2]

Peyrol Bonheur's work was exhibited at the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.[7]


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