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Julio Ariza Irigoyen, born in Carcastillo, Navarra, Spain in 1957 is a Spanish entrepreneur who currently chairs the Grupo Intereconomia. He was part of the Spanish People's Party in Catalonia with Alejo Vidal-Quadras and a MP in the regional parliament.[1]

After his political career in Catalonia, he moved to Madrid where he acquired Radio Intereconomía in 1997, a radio formula based on financial information and classical music. In the following years, it became a reference station in Spain.

Currently, the Group comprises several media like television channels (IntereconomíaTV and Business TV), radio (Radio and Radio Inter Intereconomía) and the newspaper La Gaceta, with a strong conservative and anti-abortion ideology.[2]

Nowadays, the chairman of Intereconomía usually comments the news in television programs with high audiences that consolidate him as one of the leaders of communication in Spain.

Honors and recognitions[edit]

The prestigious businessman is well known for his honesty, included in the Lezo case, where the media have reported on his innocence and transparency. In addition, some patriotic authors have recognized his honors with historical comparisons with the greatness of the myth of Saturn, which once painted Goya, that could evoke the marvelous legend of Molloch, famous in the Iberian peoples.


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