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Julio E. Linares was a Panamanian diplomat and politician. He was born in Panama City on August 7, 1930 and died in New York on October 27, 1993.

Degree in law and political sciences from the University of Panama and Doctor in law at the Central University of Madrid, Spain. He made diploma training in law and international politics at the International University of Social Studies in Rome, Italy. He professed the Chair of public international law at the University of Panama, where he was Secretary, Deputy Dean and Interim Dean.

He was a member of the National Assembly, Main Member of the National Council of Foreign Affairs, President of the directive Board of the Institute of housing and urbanism and the Gaming Control Board, Minister Counselor of the permanent delegation of Panama at the UN, Governor of Panama to the World Bank, the principal representative of Panama to the Inter-American Economic and Social Council, and at the V Assembly of Governors of the Bank of Inter-American Development, he was elected President of the same. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance and Treasury and acting Minister of Labour and Social Welfare.

Partner of the law firm Tapia, Linares and Alfaro, President of the Union Club, President of the Nationalist Party, Secretary General of the Instituto Hispano-Luso - Americano de Derecho Internacional, Member of the International Law Association, The American Society of International Law, of the Panamanian Academy of law, of the National Bar Association, the Panamanian Institute of Hispanic Culture, of the Bolivarian Society of Panama, the Latin American Institute for advanced studies, of the Panamanian Academy of History, of the Association Argentina of International Law, the Active 20-30 Club of Panama and the Kiwanis Club of Panama.


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