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Julio Olalla (born October 27, 1945, in Santiago de Chile) is a former Chilean government lawyer and now the President of The Newfield Network,[1] a boutique consulting company and coaching school in the United States and Latin America.

Olalla worked for the government of Chilean president Salvador Allende and then spent four years in exile in Argentina before emigrating to the United States in 1978 with his family. There he began working with his teacher, Fernando Flores, the thinker who developed theoretical and practical work on transcending the epistemological crisis of modernity. Flores is the founder of ontological coaching, influenced by Heidegger, Maturana, J.L. Austin and others.

Olalla moved on to found his own company, The Newfield Network, in 1991 to promote ontological coaching. Since then he has worked with many people across the world in public programs centering on personal transformation. In 2006 he worked with former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet and her cabinet.

He is the author of a 2004 ebook titled From Knowledge to Wisdom and several CDs on topics from ontological coaching to including moods and emotions as fields of learning.


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